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  • Truth is paramount, click now to learn the truth!

    with IntuitiveKatrina

    Are you ready to hear the truth? With 25 years experience, I can guide you in the right direction. relationship focused, Clairvoyant psychic medium. Lets connect and see what your future holds.

  • Intuitive, honest tarot reader

    with Miss Janette

    A tarot reader who uses the cards to guide and enhance her intuitive ability. Working more than five years professionally at parties and reading for friends many more. Honest and to the point.

  • Know Your Future In Asia

    with hyogor

    Working with Japanese Ukiyoe Tarot, I can provide spiritual advice with predictive outcomes, for specific questions on family and marital relationships, academic work, career to business idea initiation in Asia.

  • Confused? Disappointed? Burning Questions?

    with Queen of Tarot

    Looking for CLARITY? Need HONEST and ACCURATE answers? Call ME, I can Help!

  • One Minute He's Hot For You, Next He's Not For You

    with Twin Flame Visions

    Stop checking his phone and his social media for answers to your questions and ask Ms. Vy. Is he cheating? Is he creeping? Are you the main dish, the side dish or just eye candy?

  • Smile, Breathe and Believe in Magic ;)

    with Julie The Phoenix Rising

    Tarot can tell you what is and what can be. Try your personalized reading today. Ask your question or let the perfect combination of Tarot and Clairvoyance guide you on your best path. Ask that burning question now.

  • Ask & You Shall Receive!

    with Divine Path Psychic Traci Moon

    By working with Tarot and the Celtic Cross as well as my KEEN intuition, you will get the clarity you need to make informed decisions. CALL NOW!

  • Psychic Tarot reader for 46 years!

    with AskCristina

    A Tarot reading can help you make the right choices as you go down this path called "life." Allow me to light the way and give you clarity in relationships, business, career and more!

  • A Tarot reading experience

    with Miranda Tempest

    If you seek THE TRUTH and expect RELIABILITY and an EXPERIENCED PSYCHIC then look no further! I have a natural psychic gift. Please have a pen and paper handy! All I need is your name and question!


    with 1seer Reader Psychic Medium

    Just 3 Mins Save Money NO Card Shufflers - Insights Info Future Outcomes Answers Fastest Detailed Accurate Trusted TAROT First names, Age this year and Specific issues or Question Relationship Career Love Dating Family Work

  • Just a name and Question! 99% accuracy!

    with Mirra Predicts

    If you seek THE TRUTH and expect RELIABILITY and an EXPERIENCED PSYCHIC then look no more!! I have a natural gift and suggest you have a pen and paper handy! All you need is your name and question! Call Today.

  • Oracle of the ash, Rune, Tarot, & Oracle readings

    with Zenbyfire

    Reading with meaning. Readings that focus on where you're at, what you need to let go of, and what you need to move forward.