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  • Direct Remote Sensing! What's in Their Mind/Heart?

    with Psychic Medium BFF -- Meri

    Meri is a real, multi-talented Psychic Medium, Police Psychic, & Energy Healer, who Provides PROOF of ACCURACY & In-Depth Consultations! Get FREE & DISCOUNT MINUTES ~ Just Call NOW & Ask! X01272. PING for chat!

  • SPIRITUAL Advisor, Is it fling or the real thing..

    with VIVAH

    Are you PRE-DESTINED to be together or apart... Is it a fling or the real thing, I just "KNOW" without knowing, what is best for your highest good...always

  • Clairvoyant Psychic! Intuitive Empath!

    with Aquarian Psychic

    Love Life and Spiritual Advisor. Rekindle the flame in your romantic life!

  • Spiritual Reader, Advisor and Healer

    with Allen888

    I am an RN. I am also a spiritual reader, healer and advisor. I give spiritual advice from a Biblical perspective. My readings come directly from the Throne of God.

  • Accurate Gifted Spiritual & Intuitive Advisor

    with Sharon Andrea

    Gifted, Intuitive, Sincere & Empathic Spiritual Advice Twin Flames, Twin Soul, Soul Mates, Awakening

  • Reading You In Pure Positivity

    with Zhanya

    *NONPROPHET*Welcome one and all* Participate in a Spiritual Reading of pure positivity* Direct answers to direct questions* You are power* Reading YOU with you as we are doing the reading together.

  • Genuine Spiritual Insight and Discovery

    with Readings by Rune

    My spiritual journey is an onging adventure that continues to enlighten me, and allow me to share invaluable insight into others' own path.

  • Helping with your spiritual journey! Ext 0334756

    with Miranda Tempest

    If you seek THE TRUTH and expect RELIABILITY and an EXPERIENCED PSYCHIC then look no further! I have a natural psychic gift and suggest you have a pen and paper handy! All I need is your name and question!

  • Clairvoyant Spiritualist. Call Today!

    with Mirra Predicts

    If you seek THE TRUTH and expect RELIABILITY and an EXPERIENCED PSYCHIC then look no more!! I have a natural gift and suggest you have a pen and paper handy! All you need is your name and question!

  • The Prophetic Vessel

    with The Prophetic One

    Life is full of highs and lows. We all experience things but the Lord informs HIS prophets with the keys and instructions. He gives us HIS plans and if you want to hear what He has to share, LET's connect.

  • Walking with spirit to help guide you

    with Walks With Thunder

    Seeing Spirits since age 2.Walked the spiritual path all my life. 1/4 Caddo Nat. Am. 50+ yrs exp as psychic. Spirit nations work with me to help you in your life path. Appeared on MTV,Biography Channel.

  • Advice From Ebonie

    with Princess at heart 03

    Do you need help achieving your heartfelt goals and intentions in a relationship, family, and career? I'm here to help walk you through attaining your goal and a higher level of balance.