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  • Top Reader, Low Price. Call Now, I Have Answers

    with PsychicJada

    Put Psychic Jada's powers to work for you! I specialize in love & romance, financial issues, employment and general questions about life. Call me when you are lost, confused, or just in search of some answers.

  • Elite Master Reader. Commander of your Destiny

    with Eye of Mark

    I will help you move through issues pressing you now. I will be your Guide and your Friend. You have more power than you think! We will find your power and remove the things that block your happiness in Love. Call Me!

  • ******New to Keen*******

    with your lifes readings by bernie

    buy 30 minutes and get 2 questions answered by email free

  • You have Questions!! I have answers!! See Feedback

    with chosenone77

    Helping you with your romance and life concerns.

  • Psychic Love Guide Ready To Provide Clarity

    with MysticInsights

    **Tested, best quality, in-depth reader with time-frames and lots of detail** I have provided clarity to many people who have come to me looking for help with their love life. I am eager to help you, too

  • The answers you seek for your love life! Call now!

    with Michael Angel of Light


  • One of the Most Accomplished Consultants on KEEN

    with Visionary Guide Rusell

    As a Gifted reader allow me to put love back in your life. Let me answer your questions and we will get on your road to empower your life! Why wait, you know you deserve the life that you have always wanted.


    with Ask Fran

    I'm one of the very top-rated psychics on Keen with 26 years experience. I have done over 120,000 readings, will tell you the truth about your life, IN GREAT DETAIL, and make you LAUGH, too. So call now... and Ask Fran.

  • Psychic - Love & Relationships - Life Questions

    with Valentina Marie

    NEW to KEEN...NOT NEW to READINGS! 20+ years. Direct, honest and compassionate. I am simple, yet detailed. I am very personable like talking to a friend. What I can GIVE YOU is: answers, insights and guidance!!

  • Spiritual psychic master, here to guide you.

    with DavidJames

    Psychic, love reader, Rune Caster, Radio show host waiting to take your calls Over 25 years experience,what do they thing or feel about you? find out through me. Caring supportive psychic advisor. 1-800-ASK-KEEN 02866452

  • Christian Mystic Relationship Compatibility Expert

    with Bonnie-Jean

    "Holy...freaking...cow.... She is amazing. She literally saw everything. And then helped me see what I needed to see. And that broke me down, because I knew it was true. And there ...

  • No Tools -My Gifts Come From God- HONEST ANSWERS

    with Jay The Healer

    I specialize in LOVE and FINANCE readings. No birthday needed, ALL I NEED IS A NAME AND A QUESTION. Remote viewing. Highly sensitive empath so I can tell you what they are feeling. CALL NOW FOR A STRAIGHT FORWARD ANSWER