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    with SunGoddess78

    I am an Astrologer/Psychic/ Channeler/Clairvoyant who has appeared on National TV offering "keen, on the money" advice. Call me to take advantage of the opportunities and move past the roadblocks coming at you.

  • Psychic Priestess Kandi Ranson

    with Priestess Kandi Ranson

    Getting Psychic Advice in our virtual world is no different than getting Advice in the "real" world. You simply need to find the Adviser who offers the kinds of services You Need.

  • ***Sale*** What are they thinking? ***Sale***

    with Celt Psychic

    Do you want true and honest insight into your Love life, and what they are really doing when they are not with you? First, ask yourself "Do I really want to the truth?" I will tell you the truth as my guides reveal to me.

  • 97% Accurate Answers

    with Queene-of-Hearts

    20 years of experience with tarot, dreams, numerology, intuitive, clairvoyance, and clairaudio.

  • Life changing and True answers!!!!

    with psychic love reuniter

    Accurate and honest answers! I will not attempt to drag out your call! Nor do I tell you only what you want to hear. Only call if you can handle the truth.Life Changing Answers to aid you in achieving goals.

  • Need advice ? I am here to help

    with Need Advise I am here

    A wonderful way to contact me in keen for a answer on your Tarot Card Readings.

  • ** Only for those that can handle THE TRUTH **

    with Smooth Waters

    Smooth Waters is an experienced 5 Star Psychic and Advisor. Advice and Readings you can rely on! Call only if you seek the TRUTH! 5 Star ACCURACY world wide!

  • Christian Mystic-Relationship Compatibility Expert

    with Bonnie-Jean

    "Holy...freaking...cow.... She is amazing. She literally saw everything. And then helped me see what I needed to see. And that broke me down, because I knew it was true. And there was so much healing just in the revelations

  • Honest Psychic Readings on Love and More

    with MysticInsights

    **Tested, best quality, in-depth reader with time-frames and lots of detail** Don't suffer alone, I'm here to help. I'm an experienced psychic reader who is eager to provide in-depth guidance and honest psychic readings.

  • Psychic - Love & Relationships - Life Questions

    with Valentina Marie

    NEW to KEEN...NOT NEW to READINGS! 20+ years. Direct, honest and compassionate. I am simple, yet detailed. I am very personable like talking to a friend. What I can GIVE YOU is: answers, insights and guidance!!

  • Life Path Reader, Advisor and Healer

    with Allen888

    I am a Registered Nurse and a spiritual life path advisor. I have helped many people. I give good healthy advice from a Biblical perspective.

  • Honest psychic advice, I can help you. call now

    with DavidJames

    Psychic Wisdom, with David James, Psychic reader and clairvoyant.Radio show personality waiting to take your call now.