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  • 18 Years Accuracy On Keen!

    with Spiritualist Julie

    Julie has over 30 years of experience specializing in understanding your life, to create a direction for you to see more clearly all the choices available to you. Resulting in you receiving from love what you deserve and wish

  • BORN to be together ,Professional Astrologer...

    with VIVAH

    I am a Divinely inspired Professional Astrologer, and Clairvoyant... I "KNOW" without knowing if you are going to be together...Just give me your DOB, and first name, and you have your answers...(25years astrologer)

  • ***Calm***Sane***FAST***Accurate***

    with The Sane Psychic

    I bring sanity to a crazy psychic world. I guide from the Sane Side of relationships, where I take the mumbo-jumbo out of the metaphysical mix and make it understandable and practical. I am your guide on the SANE side.

  • Amazingly Talented Astrologer and Tarot Expert

    with Eye of George

    I will guide, inspire, heal and remove restrictions to finding perfect Love. We'll work together to dissolve any blocks to creating a more fulfilling Love life and happiness with all aspects of your being. Don't guess - Call

  • Advice From Ebonie

    with Princess at heart 03

    Do you need help achieving your heartfelt goals and intentions in a relationship, family, and career? I'm here to help walk you through attaining your goal and a higher level of balance.

  • No Opinions JUST FACTS, No Tools/Props Ever Used

    with Gina Marie1

    TESTED Advisor 14+ Yrs. w/ Keen! I am led. This gift was given to me & I know my purpose in life is to help people. I really love what I do & I am excited for my callers when they have a positive outcome. It's truly joyful.

  • Known World Wide Psychic now Available to You!

    with Eye of Diane

    I am sought all over the world for guidance in matters of Love, I provide insights that will empower and guide you. Compassion has no bounds. Call me right away and let me help you through the troubling times.

  • Intuitive Readings ...

    with Walks With Thunder

    I am non-traditional Shaman with 50+ years of experience and a 99% accuracy rate. With the guidance of my Guardian Angel, Archangel Michael, and your Spirit Guide, I will direct you to always choose love.

  • Should I Love or Leave? No Tools Needed!

    with LadyProphet

    Keep It Real! NO Fairy Tales or Tools

  • Do you know what the Universe wants to tell you?

    with PsychicPat

    Do you need guidance on what the Universe is trying to tell you? I can help you find clarity in your life by using my abilities to help you get the answer. I am a caring, compassionate HONEST reader/psychic. CALL NOW!

  • Soul Deep* Detailed* Divine Channel

    with Readings with B

    *Accurate, Detailed Channel--Messages from Spirit to support your alignment with DivineTruth, Your Heart, Fullfillment and Success.

  • 5*Rated 21 OutOf 10,000 Psychics

    with Dianna Spencer

    Tested 5* Internationally-known visionary empath rated 21st outOf 10,000 psychics nationwide for accuracy. 22Yrs online. Documented prophesy. Fast! One call could change your life!