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  • 18 Years Accuracy On Keen!

    with Spiritualist Julie

    Julie has over 30 years of experience specializing in understanding your life, to create a direction for you to see more clearly all the choices available to you. Resulting in you receiving from love what you deserve and wish

  • What Does Your Heart Want to Know? Energy Readings

    with Moonlite Marie

    What's in their heart? I read the energy of a person or situation with just a first name. Have your questions ready when you call. I'm available every day! Moonlite Marie @0392108

  • Highly Respected and Sought After Psychic

    with Eye of Cheryl

    People call me from all over the World! Let us discover the keys to unlocking your Love and living your dream. Anything you can imagine is possible if only you will believe. Call me. Let me give you the power.


    with Seventh Son

    ********** Remote Viewer ********** Do You Have Doubts in Love ? Life ? or Business ? CALL Now For The Answers You Seek

  • LIFE Qs ~ Don't Face It All Alone ~I Can Help !!!

    with SYMONNE

    More than 34,OOO KEEN Clients assisted over 15 years - highly rated - uniformly accurate - more than 25 years of counseling experience - a lifetime of psychic ability - quick - honest - DON'T FACE IT ALL ALONE - I CAN HELP!!

  • Intuitive Readings ...

    with Walks With Thunder

    I am non-traditional Shaman with 50+ years of experience and a 99% accuracy rate. With the guidance of my Guardian Angel, Archangel Michael, and your Spirit Guide, I will direct you to always choose love.

  • Readings by Teri (97% accurate with timeframes)

    with Readings by Teri

    Taught by my Grandmother and using her powerful Tarot spread, I am able to give you the ANSWERS you seek. With over 40 years experience I am highly accurate. I specialize in Relationships, Career and Money. Very fast .

  • Natural Born Psychic

    with moonseishin3

    Born with a gift to see, know, and feel, things that may be obscure to others. No tools. Quick and to the point.

  • Amazingly Accurate!

    with Dee Anne Gaetano

    I am a gifted Clairvoyant. I am also an Empathic reader that can tune into your love interests emotions. I can also guide on Career, Money, And Finances.

  • I can answer your burning questions

    with Regina Jacks

    I am a master Tarot Card Reader!!! I have the gift to translate what the cards see for you!!

  • Let me amaze you !!

    with Love readings by Deb

    I am empathic and can tell you what your love interest is thinking and feeling. I can tell you your future and how to reach your relationship and career goals. I will astonish you with my accuracy and time frames. Call me!


    with Hawk Spirit

    Hawk Spirit is a teacher of Spiritual Evolution. Her readings are intelligent, powerful, BOLD, incredibly honest and quick. My readings will help you manifest a strong powerful life and better relationships.