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    Do you have questions about your love life or life in general? I will put my whole heart into unfolding the messages from the universe that reveal the answers. Do call now!

  • Amazingly Talented Astrologer and Tarot Expert

    with Eye of George

    I will guide, inspire, heal and remove restrictions to finding perfect Love. We'll work together to dissolve any blocks to creating a more fulfilling Love life and happiness with all aspects of your being. Don't guess - Call

  • Hear me shuffle the cards

    with foreverJuels

    Hear me shuffle the cards! and connect.. I do not paint fair tales nor leave you waiting for something to happen and you to be hurt.. I am REAL and Honest.. I also ask you what hand to use for the reading..

  • No Questions - Names Only - Honest & Accurate

    with White Heart Creations

    Total awareness, 360 degree insight, and peace of mind NOW! I am a gifted psychic and work with my spirit guide to deliver the answers you seek. We are extremely accurate and only need names to read your situation. Namaste.

  • It's Time To Get Answers Where's My Soulmate?

    with Alejandro The Flamebringer

    allow me to help you find the answers you need to know about that certain someone is he or she the right one for you does he or she loves you as much as you love them. find out today

  • Quick, kind, accurate and honest empath

    with Psychic Suzen

    Pre-Mercury Retrograde sale! Prepare for March and get the truthful, helpful answers you need to create the love and life you want! An empath/ medium and on PBS, I help your relationships, career AND pets!

  • Medium / Psychic Reader EXT. 02765555

    with spiritminded

    Worried about job, love and relationships......I've been receiving messages from spirit world since the age of 5, I can help you. Spirit Minded

  • Top Psychic: Low Price, High Accuracy

    with PsychicJada

    Put Psychic Jada's powers to work for you! I specialize in love & romance, financial issues, employment and general questions about life. Call me when you are lost, confused, or just in search of some answers.

  • Fall into intuitive love

    with Betti Starr

    Bonded with nature, plugged into the human spirit and guided by the universal flow...My name is Bettina

  • Family Trained Tarot Reader

    with MissMelissa11

    Professional Reader with over 30 years experience. Remote Viewing. Clairsentient. Remote Empath. We can explore the different paths before you with an open heart and mind so you can make the best choices about your future.


    with Angels Helping Hands

    I WILL CLEAR AND CLEANSE YOUR AURA AND YOUR PERSON !!! [ With Permisson] Call NOW And Be Relieved!!!

  • What you want to know is in the cards...

    with Advisor Leia

    Ask for Free minutes!! , send me an email! Try me out on my dime! Your spiritual advisor for life's many questions. The answers are in the cards! Try it and see! Job? Love? Guidance? Future Outlook?